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ell in the b●attle—and the left on the Seton▓ Manor House, while in front w●as a marsh traversed by a ditch.▓Against this small and not too confident ar●my the prin

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ad a heterogeneous half armed for●ce of some 5000 men, chiefly Highlande▓rs,24 without artillery and but a few very▓ irregular cavalry; and, hearing of the general▓’s landing, he moved out at ●once from Edinburgh, where t●he Castle still held out, to

engage him.▓The first day was spent in mere manuvr▓ing, but after nightfall the prince d●ecided on attacking at daybreak,


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, guide●d by a Mr.Robert Anderson, who knew the countr▓y, he marched in two columns in s▓ections of threes by obscure paths ▓across the marsh, and finall●y over an u


rded foot-bridge crossing the dit●ch already referred to, and formed● line of battle across Cope’s left ▓flank.That general seemed in no wise● dismayed, and again changed ●front, while in his address to his troops he▓ referred to his opponents as being 〃埌a parcel of br

utes,” and “a despicable pac▓k,” from whom “you can expec

t no booty.” He ●had not experienced the nature of a ▓Highland charge. The Scottish army was fo▓rmed in two lines, and it is no●t clear

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in this instance that a▓ny firing was resorted to, as w▓as often the case; but the fury▓ of the onslaught was such as at once to▓ destroy the morale of both the artill▓ery and cavalry, who were on the flanks and fled▓ in disorder from the field, leavi▓ng the infantry isolated.But though they h●eld their ground for a while, they were assaile●d after their first volley before they could rel●oad, and were taken prisoners,● slain, or dispersed.All the colours, the ●guns, the military chest,

he 13th, a

sides officers,


and baggage, were the p●rizes97 of the victors, and while 400 were sl▓ain, only 175 infantry soldiers escaped; and ●this with a total loss of 110

led and wo●unded on the opposite side.●Practically, the victory gave the whole of S●cotland into Jacobite hands, an▓d the prince returned to E

dinburgh, ▓and wasted his time in continu

ing ▓the siege of the Castle. The delay was turned▓ to full account by the English Government.●Ill luck had followed the Stuart cause●


from its outse

t, and was to continue● till the end; even success in battle s●eemed to bear but little fru●it.Regiments were recalled from Flanders, thoug●h

many were redu

ced to mere sk▓eletons.Thus, when the king ask▓ed where the rest of the 3rd Dragoons were, ▓he was to

ld by their co

lonel, “I believe● the residue is at Dettingen.” But an army w●as formed by Marshal Stair, and revi?/p>

坋wed by the king on Finchley Common; a▓nothe

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